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U. of Kentucky Students and Probability of Stealing Stats Exam

What ever happened to studying for the examination? This story about two U. of Kentucky students attempting a "mission impossible" feat of (1) using air ducts to drop down into a professor's office and (b) stealing a copy of a statistics exam is incredible and sad at the same time. Sure, many of us professors have come to expect some students to cheat each academic year. But even if this era of copy/paste plagiarism, paying ghost writers for essays, sharing exam questions, and even sending friends into large classes to sit for an exam, this case of breaking and entering is ridiculous. Read the story yourself and see that one of the two students actually admitted this was his second time using air ducts to get into the professor's office. For all of the planning involved in stealing that statistics exam, it's clear that the students should have studied something about probability before doing a deed that would make them well known for the wrong reasons!

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