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Intellectual Innovation: AISA Model

Dr. Smith created the AISA (Awareness > Interest > Sensitivity > Advocacy) model as a practical framework for individuals to co-create true ROI in their relationships and organizations.

AISA provides a solid foundation or complement for training on leadership, mentoring, PIE (performance-image-exposure), team-building, marketing ethics, community causes, and social justice. Educators also find that AISA offers a way to discuss a range of ethical theories (duty-based, consequence-based, virtuous) without losing students in a web of fancy philosophical terms and complicated jargon.

* Learn more about AISA and booking Dr. Smith for a seminar to train your group.

Sample Takeaways

  • How to foster ROI in action-oriented relationships

  • How to achieve productive traction and trajectory in one's professional career

  • How to align and assess interests and outcomes in an organizational environment

Course Applications

  • Leadership

  • Mentoring / Professional Development

  • Organizational Development

  • Business Ethics / Marketing Ethics

  • International Marketing

  • Social Justice

  • People Playing Together: Culture, Music, and Sport

Other Teaching Innovations


AISA Model: Awareness > Interest > Sensitivity > Advocacy
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