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Education / Experience / Exposure

Dr. Smith is grateful to the people and places that have played a role in his formation and development via Three E's -- education, experience, and exposure.

Inspirational Figures

  • Everyday People, Hidden Figures, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Dreamers, Doers, ...

  • Whoopi Goldberg, Rev. James Cleveland, Yoda, Julia Child, Dee, Iman, Lisa Ling, Bill Belichick, Benjamin Banneker, Sun Tzu, Chuck D,  Tom Brady, Hoda Kotb, Albert Einstein, Nina Simone, Billie Jean King, Jay Leno, John Elstrott, Louis Armstrong, Vidal Sassoon, Sam Cooke, James Dyson, US Women's Soccer, Roger Babson, KRS One, Sly Stone, Miyamoto Musashi, Barbara Walters, Clive Davis, Pablo Picasso, Kathrine Switzer, Richard Allen, Albert C. Barnes, Gloria Steinem, Doc Rivers, Wei Brian ...


Formal Education

  • PhD: Drexel University

    • Primary Field: Marketing

    • Secondary Field: Strategy + Organizational Sciences

  • MBA: Tulane University

    • Concentration: Marketing

    • Concentration: Entrepreneurship

  • BS: Xavier University of Louisiana

    • Major: Economics

  • BA: XavierUniversity of Louisiana

    • Major: German


Business Experience

  • Web Development (Apps, Search, Music, Online Communities, Coding)

  • Music (Performance, Production, Songwriting, Recording, A+R)

  • Research and Analytics (Surveys, Data Analysis, Analytics Dashboards, PLS-SEM)


  • American Marketing Association, Beta Gamma Sigma, The PhD Project


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