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Consulting for Business Clients


As an experienced marketing professional, scholar, and entrepreneur, Dr. Smith advises his business clients using quality insights from theory and practice. He has significant expertise in strategic marketing, ethics, leadership, and cultural competence. He provides consulting services, on-site group training sessions, train-the-trainer seminars, and survey/data analysis services for virtually all types of businesses -- large corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietorships.

Consulting For Business Clients

  • Marketing Strategy

    • Strategy Formation + Evaluation (See Five Creatures Lesson)

    • Market Entry + Audit

    • Competitive/Performance Metrics

    • Marketing Ethics

  • Leadership / Mentoring

    • Servant Leadership (See AISA Model)

    • Fostering Community via Co-Creation and Participation

    • Mentoring Within and Beyond PIE: Performance, Image, and Exposure

  • Multicultural Marketing

    • Understanding Cultural Values (Domestic+ Global)

    • Evalution of Advertising + Promotion Campaigns

    • Sales Management

  • Marketing Research

    • Survey Development

    • Focus Group Moderation

    • Data Analysis, Reporting, and Visualization

Other Options

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