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Strategic / Global / Ethical / Inclusive

Dr. Brent Smith is an award-winning business professor known for his innovative approaches to teaching and learning. He blends meaningful insights from his academic training (theory) and entrepreneurial experience (practice). As an expert on marketing, culture, and analytics, he develops decision-makers with well-rounded business acumen.


Dr. Smith has developed nearly twenty in-demand courses in marketing, global business, ethics, analytics, and research. These courses have been offered in traditional and online formats for undergraduate, certificate, MBA, and Executive MBA programs. Below is a sample of Dr. Smith's teaching activity.

Teaching Innovations

Course Development Examples

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Ethics

  • People Playing Together: Culture, Music, and Sport

  • International Marketing Research

  • Quantitative Methods for International Marketing

International Study Tours

  • Europe: Italy (Undergraduate)

  • Asia: China, Japan (Executive MBA; Professional MBA; Undergraduate)

  • South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile (Executive MBA)

  • USA: Cameroon Civil Servants - l’École Nationale d’Administration et de Magistrature

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