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Reading / Reflecting / Reinforcing

Dr. Smith believes that the brightest human minds actively welcome the paradigms, experiences, and insights of others. Aside from pursuing direct immersion in a setting, he encourages people to read, hear, or watch anything that piques curiosity and inspires personal sense of mission. Below are some of Dr. Smith's reading recommendations for business students and rising leaders. Please send him your suggestions.

Recommended Books

  • Outthink the Competition - Kaihan Krippendorff ( Link)

  • What the Best College Teachers Do - Ken Bain ( Link)
  • What the Best College Students Do - Ken Bain ( Link)
  • Pope Francis: Why He Leads The Way He Leads - Chris Lowney ( Link)

  • Marketing Analytics: Strategic Model and Metrics - Stephan Sorger ( Link)

  • Data-Driven Marketing: 15 Metrics ... - Mark Jeffery ( Link)

  • Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques w/ Microsoft Excel ( Link)

  • R for Marketing Research and Analytics - Chris Chapman and Elea Feit ( Link)

  • Jesuit Business Education: Motivations, Reflections, and Impact - Brent Smith (Avail 2017)

Recommended Articles

  • "Marketing Myopia" (1960/2004) - Theodore Levitt

  • "If You Can't Beat Them, Let Them Join: ..." (2010) - Krittenee Nuttavuthisit

  • "The Multilingual Dividend" (2013) - Andrew Hill

Recommended Periodicals

  • Academic: International Journal of Marketing and Sales Education (Link)

  • Business: Economist, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times

  • Higher Education: Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed

  • General: TIME, USA Today

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