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Intellectual Innovaton: Five Creatures Lesson

Dr. Smith created the Five Ceatures Lesson (FCL) to help business clients and students develop a better understanding of successful leadership, strategy, and competitive behaviors. The FCL is an effective tool for discussing organizational competence, market entry/exit, resource-based advantages, opportunity assessment, and strategic goal setting. It has been taught to thousands of business students as well as corporate executives and mid-level managers around the world!


Blending a mix of yin/yang, game theory, and multicultural paradigms, Dr. Smith has used the FCL to provide eye-opening, mind-changing strategic insights for business students, corporate executives, and mid-level managers around the world.


* Book Dr. Smith to conduct an FCL seminar session for your organization.

Key Topics

  • What makes form-focused leadership so vital to achieving meaningful outcomes?

  • Why is success highly situational and defined differently for each competitor?

  • When is coopetition (cooperation + competition) an effective practice?

  • What makes market opportunities more or less viable for competitors?

Course Applications

  • Leadership

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Global Business Strategy

  • Personal Branding

Other Teaching Innovations

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